Automotive Products

Prolong Engine Treatment is formulated with Prolong's patented AFMT™ technology to treat the metal surfaces of both gasoline and diesel fueled engines, reducing damaging friction and heat. Prolong provides greatest protection where it's needed most, in extreme pressure, metal-to-metal contact areas. Prolong Engine Treatment is so effective that it comes with a Free Limited Lifetime Product Engine Warranty (available only through purchase and use of initial 12 oz. Engine Treatment). Also available in quarts and gallons.

bullet Reduces harmful friction and excessive heat in both gasoline and diesel fueled engines
bullet Formulated with patented AFMT™ - Anti-Friction Metal Treatment
bullet Helps protect the engine in the event of oil or coolant loss
bullet Helps restore engine efficiency to optimize fuel economy
bullet For both new and older, high-mileage vehicles
Use the 12-oz. Engine Treatment for the first application. To maintain the maximum level of protection, use the 8-oz. Engine Treatment Booster each time the motor oil is changed.

Prolong Transmission Treatment is uniquely formulated with Prolong's patented AFMT™ to treat the metal surfaces of both manual and automatic transmissions. This advanced technology helps to protect your vehicle against costly transmission repair or replacement by reducing excessive heat and friction.

bullet Formulated with Prolong's patented AFMT™ technology
bullet Reduces extreme friction and internal temperatures
bullet Promotes smoother, more responsive shifts
bullet Compatible with all common transmission fluids and gear oils

Prolong Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner helps to remove deposits on clogged fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, manifold and ports, cleaning the entire fuel system to maximize performance and fuel economy.

bullet Cleans entire fuel system including pumps and injectors
bullet Contributes to low exhaust emissions, peak performance and optimum gas mileage
bullet Helps achieve maximum fuel combustion
bullet Compatible with all grades of gasoline
bullet Use every 3,000 miles

Prolong Octane Boost economically provides extra power when needed while helping your engine run smoothly.

bullet Street legal increase in octane!
bullet Stops knocks, pings and hesitation
bullet Helps restore lost horsepower and improve gas mileage
bullet Does not harm oxygen sensors or catalytic converters

Prolong Fuel Injector Cleaner eliminates power-robbing carbon deposits and promotes smooth operation and good gas mileage.

bullet Removes deposits and cleans injector tips and intake valves
bullet Restores full fuel spray pattern for quick starts and fuel economy
bullet Helps maximize air/fuel mixture for optimum power