Welcome to Prolong.Net. This website is a portal to Prolong products in Canada. Prolong.net is a proud Canadian Company. We have been in Business selling Prolong Products for over 15 years.

Art Warren and his son Brian became Canadian distributors for Prolong after having great success using Prolong Products on their Vehicles and other Equipment. Take the Warren challenge for yourself, purchase any Prolong Product and try it against any Competitors product if it even exists, you will be a believer.

With the Cost of Vehicles, ATV’s, Crafts, Machinery and Equipment and Fuel For them Prolong will give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to maximize the life and reduce your cost of Ownership.

Our Customers have had great success using Prolong Products and you can Visit an Join the PROLONG.COM BLOG to keep up to date.

Prolong products Really work and here are a few videos that prove it!


Art Warren